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United Colonies of Mankind

Forged in desperation, united by adversity and resurgent in power, the UCM exists for a single purpose - to wrest mankind's lost strongholds from the clutches of the Scourge. A collection of diverse and remote frontier worlds, the UCM is a restless cultural melting pot, bubbling with a righteous desire for vengeance.

One and a half centuries after the Scourge captured Earth and the Cradle Worlds, the UCM has expanded beyond all recognition. The greatest military force in the history of humanity has been assembled; a vast armada recently unleashed against enemies old and new.

The Colonies

The UCM consists of a series of former frontier planets, once peopled only by desperadoes, ne'er do wells and enterprising characters, eager to forge new lives and seek fortunes. These worlds were not chosen for their beauty or amenity, but rather for their considerable mineral wealth.

The course of their development was irrevocably altered in the chaotic aftermath of the Scourge invasion, when scores of fleeing refugees descended on these obscure backwaters. A measure of the enterprising and hardy character of the original inhabitants influenced this massive influx of new blood, creating a new and dynamic civilisation.

Today, the colonies have become the industrial powerhouses they were originally intended to be, churning out the mighty war machine required to take on the Scourge. Their extensive natural resources have proven crucial to mankind's spectacular recovery from total defeat. The estimated population of the UCM has recently exceeded 20 billion souls.

Military Might

Despite its democratic underpinnings, the UCM is essentially a military state. This has arisen not through tyranny, but rather through necessity. Many senior army and fleet offices come automatically with Senate and even High Council seats. Most civilian politicians recognise the need for defence issues to supersede all other concerns and are firmly behind the Reconquest. The UCM has essentially been in a state of war since its very foundation.

Most UCM citizens live austere and often harsh lives, human toil being the lifeblood of the Reconquest. Most accept this with stoic determination, and hope one day to see the lush Cradle Worlds and even Earth itself with their own eyes. These distant jewels have a place in the heart of many who once listened in awe to their grandparents' tales of great cities, lush gardens and lives of leisure. All understand that a free future can only be theirs through annihilating the Scourge.

On the Offensive

Central UCM military strategy calls for efficient, lighting fast planetary assault from space. Almost all UCM materiel has been designed with this fundamental tenet in mind, from the heaviest dropship to the humble assault rifle. All UCM constructs are lightweight, efficient, utilitarian and cost effective, facilitating en-mass deployment.


Modern UCM armoured vehicles are a far cry from the ungainly, lumbering contraptions of the 20th century. They are necessarily lightweight, and are protected by advanced composite armour, active countermeasures, low signatures and sheer weight of numbers.

UCM vehicles are distinctly utilitarian in appearance, with harsh lines and compact forms. A common theme in UCM tank design is an extremely low profile. This allows for maximum efficiency in transit, and presents a more difficult target to the enemy. Part of this design necessitates cramped crew compartments, where drivers often lay prone inside their machines.

The UCM's industrial powerhouse churns out armour at a staggering rate, aided by the colonies' epic reserves of raw material. Armed with the potent weaponry, the UCM's armoured hordes are poised to deliver crushing vengeance to the Scourge, and all others who stand in their way.