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Dropzone & Dropfleet Commander Midwest Invasion 2017: Results

Hawk Talon Don attended the Michigan GT last weekend and in addition to running a trade stand for Hawk he also ran tournaments for both Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander. He has written a report of the weekend along with the full results and photographs from both events.


Hawk Scott.


Attendees playing over two days of gaming.


The Midwest Invasion took place at the Michigan GT located in Lansing, Michigan on October 6th - 8th 2017. The convention itself hosts many different miniatures games hosted mostly by local Tournament Organisers and is very much an event hosted by gamers for gamers. The event staff worked very hard to see that everyone was enjoying themselves and did an impressive job at pulling in a lot of prize support for all the different tournaments. This year was Hawk's second event at the GT as both TO and Vendor and we had an increased attendance with ten players for both Dropzone and Dropfleet Commander.


Both tournaments were one day, three round events as highlighted in our tournament packs from the Hawk Wargames website. The missions were also selected from the tournament packs. We were lucky to have a limited number of the new Dropfleet Battle Fleet Boxes which drew a lot of attention because of the beautiful cover art done by our artists. In addition to each tournament prizes there was also an overall Midwest Invasion winner out of those that played in both tournaments, who received a nicely engraved crystal trophy along with additional prize support.

We will definitely be back in 2018 with a larger event and we are also hoping to show off the different ways our games can be integrated together!


The Dropfleet Commander and Midwest Invasion Grand Champion trophies.

Midwest Invasion Grand Champion - Rob Sautbine

Dropzone Commander


1. Command and Control
2. Take and Extract
3. Survey and Control


    1st place - Rob Sautbine
    2nd place - Patrik Wenner
    3rd place - Fox Plants
    Best Painted - Curt Lithgow
    Most Sporting - Derek Sybert
    Wooden Spoon - Aaron Short


    1. Rob Sautbine (Resistance)
    2. Patrik Wenner (PHR)
    3. Fox Plants (Scourge)
    4. Derek Sybert (PHR)
    5. Jordan Martin (Resistance)
    6. Aaron Cate (PHR)
    7. Josh Shivak (Scourge)
    8. Cameron Johnson (Resistance)
    9. Curt Lithgow (UCM)
    10. Aaron Short (PHR)
    Resistance Technicals overwhelm a lone PHR Phobos walker.

    Dropfleet Commander


    1. Station Assault
    2. Mixed Engagement
    3. Moonshot


      1st place - Aaron Cate
      2nd place - Fox Plants
      3rd place - Patrik Wenner
      Best Painted - Fox Plants
      Most Sporting - David Reynolds
      Wooden Spoon - Curt Lithgow 


      1. Aaron Cate (PHR)
      2. Fox Plants (Shaltari)
      3. Patrik Wenner (UCM)
      4. David Reynolds (UCM)
      5. Rob Sautbine (UCM)
      6. Josh Shivak (Scourge)
      7. Cameron Johnson (PHR)
      8. Curt Lithgow (UCM)
      9. Aaron Short (PHR)
      10. Tom Rasor (UCM)


      Fox Plants' 'Best Painted' Shaltari Fleet.


      Donald Roach


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