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Dropfleet Commander Summer Invasion 2017: Faction Breakdown

Following our Summer Invasion Dropfleet Commander tournament I took all the fleet lists I had from the participants and after grouping them by faction, compared them to find out the 'average' tournament list. I worked out the average Admiral Value and number of Launch Assets as well as how many Corvettes they took and their 'Ground Assets' or drop potential, which will be explained later. I also calculated the percentage makeup of the average list for ships by type, as well as the most popular class of ship. And then I made some fancy graphics to present it all in!



It is worth mentioning at this point that this is in no way indicative of the global metagame for Dropfleet and the sample size is small enough that one or two anomalies might skew the results. But this isn't science, this was done for fun however I do intend to continue collecting lists and considering the number of upcoming Dropfleet tournaments I plan to write a similar breakdown using a far larger data pool!

(Any games lost due to copying the data presented here are not the responsibility of Hawk Scott, Hawk Wargames or it's employees or affiliates).


So to further explain the presentation;

  • Average AV, No. of Corvettes, Launch Assets and Ground Assets is the total of all lists divided by the number of lists. Simple. Ground Assets is the term I have given to a lists 'drop potential', that is, in any given turn the maximum number of Infantry could be dropped. So a Strike Carrier would yield 1 and a Troopship 3 for example.
  • List Appearances is the number of times a ship of that type was taken in lists, showing Battleships and Battlecruisers to give the reader an idea of how often these ships are used. 
  • List Composition is the total average number of each ship type (excluding Battleships and Battlecruisers) shown as a percentage to give the reader an idea of the balance of the lists used in the tournament.
  • Most Popular Ships as mentioned exclude Troopships and Strike Carriers due to their abundance to find which class of ship was most popular with players. The percentage represents how often that class of ship was taken in that ship type. For example, a UCM Battleship appeared in 25% of UCM lists, of which 100% of those Battleships were the New York.


With that clarified I will let you have a look at each faction's breakdown and see what you can learn from them!


Hawk Scott







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