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'D-Day +1 2670' Tournament, Sweden

Hawk Talon Zacharie Coste recently ran a Dropzone Commander tournament at his gaming club in Sweden and after seeing his photos of the event we wanted to share them with you. You may remember Zacharie as the runner-up of the Hawk Forum June Painting Competition featured in our Gallery for his Pripyat-inspired Dropzone board, seen in action below.



At the tournament the quality of the terrain was very impressive and a lot of effort has gone into making each board unique, and the only way to make a nicely made board look better is with nicely painted armies playing on them!



On the winter themed board additional environmental rules from the Reconquest: Phase 1 expansion were used to reflect the harsh conditions the armies were fighting in.



Thank-you to Zacharie for the photos. The Swedish Dropzone gaming community run DZC Sweden, a blog dedicated Dropzone Commander news, tactics, hobby and tournament reports.


Hawk Scott


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