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Welcome to Hawk Wargames' new Articles section! I am Scott and I manage Hawk's website and social media channels. For the last few months I have been responsible for the posts on our social media and any online discussions. I am always looking to improve your online experience with us and so I'm excited to start publishing articles written by the Hawk Team covering all the aspects of our game systems including Tactics, Tournament Reports, Painting and Modelling, Custom Rules and Scenarios and even some sneak peeks into what we are working on!



The first few articles will provide coverage of our Dropfleet Commander Summer Invasion tournament with full results, an interview with winner Matt Purdie about the tournament and his list and a breakdown of each faction's performance and trends at the event.


If there's an article that you would like to see or have something that you would like to submit for an article please send me a message on any of our social media channels or contact me at


Hawk Scott.


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