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PHR Mega Army


WEB ONLY: For Commanders who want everything! This mega army deal contains a comprehensive and balanced selection of units providing excellent tactical flexibility for big games of Dropzone Commander. It's also an excellent opportunity to make a fantastic saving!

Please note that this army deal does not exactly match those of the other races in points cost - these deals are balanced by model content to ensure that each race gets an equivalent deal.

Box Contents:

2x Poseidon Heavy Dropships

4x Neptune Medium Dropships

2x Triton A1 Strike Dropships

2x Triton A2 Strike Dropships

2x Ares Battle Walkers

4x Phobos Battle Walkers

2x Juno A1 APC's

2x Juno A2 APC's

2x Odin Heavy Walkers

2x Enyo Seige Walkers

2x Hyperion Heavy Walkers

4x Janus Scout Walkers

2x Zeus Command Walkers

2x Taranis MLRS Battery

8x Immortals stands

4x Sirens stands

2x Athena Air Superiority Fighters

1x 40 card full colour Command Card deck

Contains a mixture of resin and white metal miniatures.
Follow the links to find out more about the individual units (sizes, part counts, images etc)
Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.
Please note that as a web only product, this deal does not ship in retail packaging.


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