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Dave's 2500pt Shaltari Army Deal


WEB ONLY: Get into a 2500 point game straight away!
This Shaltari Tribes Army Deal has been carefully put together by Dave, and contains a comprehensive and effective selection of units, providing tactical strength and flexibility for large games of Dropzone Commander.
It also offers a good saving on purchasing the blisters!

The 2,500 Point Shaltari army list consists of the following Units:

2 x Gaia Heavy Gates
1 x Spirit Light Gate
2 x Haven Terragates
2 x Eden Medium Gates
1 x Coyote Warstrider
4 x Jaguar Warstrider
2 x Firstborns
1 x Dreamsnare
6 x Tarantula Battle Striders
8 x Braves
1 x Firedrake
1 x Totem Warspire
3 x Thunderbird Gunships
4 x Yari Light Grav-Tanks
2 x Ocelot Warstriders
2 x Warspear Heavy Fighters


This package also includes the following Units (not included in the 2,500 points):

1 x Spirit Light Gate
2 x Firstborns
1 x Thunderbird Gunship


Contains a mixture of resin and white metal miniatures.
Click here to download the army list >

Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.
Please note that as a web only product, this deal does not ship in retail packaging.


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