Cityscape Card Scenery Pack


A customisable 6' x 4' Battlefield in a box
10mm Scale

Box contains:

  • 20 x Card buildings (pre-cut, pre-folded, 20 designs, 615 micron)
  • 24 x Card ground tiles, double sided (1'x1', 24 face designs, 380 micron)

Build a Complete Urban Battlefield!

This set contains all the scenery you need for large games of Dropzone Commander - up to 6ft x 4ft.
You can use the tiles to build a 4ft x 4ft gaming surface, suitable for 1500pt tournament sized Dropzone Commander games. 

Each ground tile is double sided and 1ft x 1ft in size, and there are 24 different face designs. This provides a customisable surface allowing for thousands of combinations!

The buildings are pre cut and glued down one edge, for very simple assembly - there is no cutting required. With 20 different card buildings across 5 different sizes, with a vibrant, coated finish, these buildings can make for an evocative city environment for your game of Dropzone Commander to play out. Multiple sets can be combined easily to create massive game boards including a combination of City and Ruined City environments.

These card buildings are also compatible with our highly detailed resin parts and free to download self-print scenery (available here)

We recommend that if you are looking to use this set as a permanent gaming surface, that flat and rigid base surfaces are recommended (e.g. tabletop, foamcore, MDF or plywood) to glue or tape the ground tiles down to (once you have determined your optimum layout) for maximum solidity.

Prefer a ruined city, or a set of ruined and intact cities, why not take a look at the Ruinscape Card Scenery Pack >


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