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Adding a new product

There are a few things you should be aware of before adding a new product. 

The 'Product Vendor' should always be the collection name. ie if the product is within the 'United Colonies of Mankind (UCM)' collection the product vendor should be 'United Colonies of Mankind (UCM)'

The 'Product Type' should always be named after the sub collection. ie if the product belongs to 'infantry' the product type should be 'infantry'

Product images should be as large as possible, they will be resized automatically. LARGER then 900px please this is important!

if you notice any issues with images sizes please email 

Adding a new sub collection

If you need to add a new sub collection go to:

admin - collections - create new

The most important part here is the collection name. The collection name should be 'Parent Collection' > 'Sub Collection

ie United Colonies of Mankind (UCM) > Land Vehicles

Controlling the product categories

The product categories are controlled via the link list page. go to admin - link lists - catname Product Category List

Adding a news article

To create a news article add a new article to the news blog by going to admin - pages & blogs - news blog - new article

Make sure you can the news article an excerpt. This will be shown on the homepage and can accept images.

You should give the blog article some tags, these tags are what control the 'Categories' section on the right hand column

Ordering collections

Add the order number to the collection title like

United Colonies of Mankind (UCM) > 1 All Products

United Colonies of Mankind (UCM) > 2 Air Vehicles

Adding sidebar content to a page

To add sidebar content to a page simply create a new page called 'pagename Sidebar' the about page has a test sidebar for your reference. 'About Sidebar'

Adding the banner

To add a new banner please go to admin - themes - theme editor and upload the image to the 'assets' folder. You will need to name your banner is a spefic way.

The name should be the URL plus -banner.jpg

ie. the-scourge-banner.jpg or the-scourge-land-vehicles-banner.jpg etc etc...

Each page can have its own banner, as requested

A few other bits and pieces

To edit and add elements to the right hand column:
In theme settings go to admin - themes - theme settings - homepage right hand column

To edit and add slides to the slideshow:
In theme settings go to admin - themes - theme settings - homepage

Uploading PDFs and other documents:
Please see this link for a full tutorial

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