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Hi everyone!

After the release of our brand new modular resin scenery range we are understandably getting a lot of questions and comments from various gamers, so I thought it best to answer some of them here in an informal FAQ! This document also serves as a roadmap for our future plans for scenery.


1) How does the resin modular system work and how is it assembled?

Hawk Wargames scenery is constructed from small tiles, which are compatible with other tile designs within the range. Structures can be constructed in almost any shape or size! The system is designed for maximum flexibility and creative potential. There are literally thousands of different combinations and layouts, not to mention more unusual shapes and configurations that can be built from such a flexible concept! However, please bear in mind that some intermediate/ advanced modelling skills will be required to get the most of out of the range. Please refer to our full guide for more detailed information.


2) Can you explain the price of the resin scenery?

There are two main reasons for the prices we've set: Firstly, we're using exactly the same cutting edge techniques and materials that we use to produce our miniatures to cast our buildings. This leads to an excellent finish, suburb detail and easy working characteristics. We always aim to produce the very best parts possible using any given process, and this is reflected in the price. Using cheaper resin would lead to shrinkage and dimensional instability, making the fit and finish of such an accurate modular system problematic.

Unlike plastic injection moulding, resin casting is extremely labour intensive and we are using highly skilled workers in the UK. This leads to better quality and reliability, which is something we care about deeply. We are still a small, family run business and investing hundreds of thousands of pounds to produce a plastic scenery line for a new game simply was not an option.

Secondly, the nature of the system and its adaptable design has a large impact on cost. Unlike most other resin scenery lines, ours can be modified, added to and used in thousands of combinations, offering near limitless potential to keen modellers. We always strive to innovate and to go the extra mile with new releases. Pushing boundaries into new realms makes direct comparisons with existing products difficult of course, but we feel that we are offering so much more than simple, inflexible scenery blocks.


3) Do I need to buy a full set of resin scenery to play Dropzone as it was intended?

Of course not! The system can easily be grown over time and augmented with our free to download self print card scenery. Since they are cross-compatible, areas of buildings can easily be mixed between card and resin parts (e.g. a resin Lobby floor with card middle storeys and resin roof detailing). We will be releasing a tutorial next week for a specific guide. We know that the cost of scenery can be a barrier to entry, which is why we made an extensive range of self print scenery available for free far in advance of the release of the resin.


4) How many buildings do I need in an ideal world?

Dropzone Commander does require a good number of buildings for many of its scenarios and scenery has a massive effect in the game and is often central to the objectives mechanic. The amount needed is described very loosely in the rulebook, as sparsely or densely urbanised boards work well and provide a very different experience. In general though, we'd recommend about 10 buildings for a 4'x4' board and about 15 for a 6'x4'.


5) Why is the scenery not being made available in stores?

Producing stock for retail requires a large investment in casting capacity coupled with acceptable margins, since stores and distributors need to take a well deserved share for all the hard work they do in hosting and promoting our products. Scenery items do not usually sell in the same volumes as models and such a large range would involve a big investment on the part of a store to stock it. The resin modular system is also not recommended for beginners, which makes it a more specialist product.

Selling direct allows us to operate with different margins and an alternative pricing structure coupled with a lower production run. This allows us to offer such a large range of scenery in one release and at a lower price than would be possible wholesale. In the end, the economics of it prevents us from selling this range in stores.


6) Do you have any plans for scenery that will be available in stores?

We are well aware of the need to produce scenery that can be sold in stores and at a lower price point which will be acceptable for the average gamer. We have always planned to release three 'tiers' of scenery products in addition to the free downloads (which will always be available).

The first tier will be a retail pre-cut and pre-prepared card scenery pack that will be available at a very modest price. This will save a lot of time and effort when compared to the self-print versions! The second tier is in the early stages of development and will be announced in Q1 next year. The third tier consists of the current resin modular scenery line, and represents the pinnacle of quality and flexibility that we can currently offer. All three tiers and the self print scenery will be cross-compatible, leading to a system of excellent flexibility and choice.


7) Do you plan to add to this range in future?

Most definitely! One of the great things about a modular resin system is that any addition can be incorporated easily and can have a big effect on the range as a whole, opening up even more possibilities! Whilst we are now spending the majority of our time working on new miniatures for Dropzone Commander, we will also be feeding in new releases to the scenery line. This will include parts and kits that can couple with new special scenarios!


These are FAQs specifically for the Scenery points about Dropzone Commander. For more FAQs please visit our FAQs landing page and navigate through to the appropriate area you are looking for answers to. If you cannot find your question or if you have any more questions about the buildings or our other products, please contact us >

- David J Lewis,


  Hawk Wargames

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