The below releases represent a devastating new Command strategy for all five races. These are now available for pre-order from today, with full release on the 28th of March. Lead from the front with these vanguard commanders, ready to get up close and personal with the enemy. Orders not containing pre-ordered items will generally be shipped within 3 working days, and typically faster. For the released special commanders click here >

Phoenix Command Gunship


The legions were designed for shock and awe, descending on the cradle worlds without warning and rapidly taking back what belongs to humanity.  The Phoenix is an up-gunned beast. It is a heavy command platform which is always first into...

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As the UCM pushes deeper into Scourge controlled territory they are encountering new and even more menacing enemy constructs, most recently the horrifying Oppressor. Clearly a command unit of some kind, the Oppressor is a far more resilient, albeit ground-based...

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Nemesis Command Walker


This PHR command unit has been seen only fleetingly in previous battles. Confirmation of this command vehicle’s very existence has been hard to verify given the lack of solid evidence and very few first-hand accounts as there so few survivors....

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Gharial Command Grav Tank


Speed and power have always been the watchwords of the Shaltari tribes. The Gharial embraces both ideals in one command package, taking the fight to the enemy, dealing maximum damage and then relocating to sow more destruction elsewhere. Based on...

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NT-5 Thunderstorm Custom


The NT-4 Leviathan earns its name is sheer scale, but the command variant – the NT – 5 Thunderstorm Custom – is a step further. Its huge fusion generators are massively over-sized given modern technological advances, yet no less potent....

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