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Newsletter #37

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2015 Tournament Packs now available


The Dropzone Commander Tournament Packs are now available to download from our events section:

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2 Player Starter Set Announced!


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New units now on pre-order.

A Quick Update from Dave


I don't usually post news this way, but I wanted to let you guys know how things are going with the design side at Hawk to provide some insight into why we've appeared to be quiet lately.

Our main focus right now is preparing for GenCon Indianapolis. It will be our largest show of the year and it's quite an undertaking for a new UK based company to attend. We've been working hard to make the most of this fantastic platform, so expect to see lots of brand new stuff there and online when the show opens!

We've working on more than one big project lately and this has had a short term effect on our intended release schedule. It's extremely hard for us to keep our mouths shut about these at the moment, but all I can really say is watch this space!

As for the current batch of new releases (the ones we previewed a few weeks back), they have slipped a little behind schedule, but only by a few weeks. We'd intended to show you full resin shots by now, but are currently waiting to have our first production models at HQ for photography. As soon as we have them, I'll be straight into the studio to get you shots! We could of course advertise the products as renders, but that's not the sort of company we want to be; it's all too easy to show off idealised, smooth renders of models that don't exist yet - we want to show you real miniatures! 

As a small company managing rapid growth with a large number of projects getting near completion, we're all working as hard as we can on several other initiatives, many of which will be revealed soon. I'm still doing all the design, photography, writing, editing as well as running the company and we're looking at expanding further as soon as this current crop of projects are completed. As such, we thank you for your patience and support, not long now until you'll see the fruits of our labours!

- Dave

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New Newsletter (#18) with Salute! 2013 Pictures


Find out a little more about our Salute! experience, and a massive thank you to all those who came!

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SALUTE! 2013 is coming


Find out more about Hawk Wargames at SALUTE! 2013 on the 20th April, and information about ordering products and picking them up on the day. See our new newsletter >



Our new Cityscape scenery pack is now available for pre-order.

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Experimental Rules for New Releases, and New Mechanics now available.


Experimental rules for the New releases now available for each race

New Mechanics rules now available for download >

New Rules Update now available for download >

Events for 2012 and 2013


We've been filling our events diary for next year! Check out our full calendar here

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